Med-EcoSuRe trains 16 Palestinian engineers on solar photovoltaic systems

May 11, 2021
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An Najah National University, partner of Med-EcoSuRe project, has successfully concluded a training program on the design and implementation of photovoltaic systems for a group of 16 engineers in Palestine.

The three phases of the training program were held in March and April.

The Med-EcoSuRe project offers an innovative approach to the definition and diffusion of cost-effective energy renovation within university buildings, with the perspective of extending results to the whole public buildings sector in the long term. A Mediterranean cross-border living lab – bringing together researchers, building managers, companies, public organisations and students – will be established to develop energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions as well as retrofitting schemes to be implemented in 9 university buildings. The final aim behind the project is to turn university managers into active players contributing to the co-creation and experimentation of emerging ideas, breakthrough scenarios and innovative concepts.


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Countries covered:

  • Palestine *