MED4EBM in Jordan audited 7 Beaches and 1 Marina applying the blue flag international label criteria

March 2, 2023
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Under the MED4EBM project, the Royal Marine Conservation Society (JREDS), Jordanian partner, audited on 26th January 2023 six beaches and one Marina following the Blue Flag international label criteria. Despite the short length of Jordanian coast in the Gulf of Aqaba, which is 27 km, the international Blue Flag program in the city of Aqaba includes seven beaches and one marina.


For the purposes of recognizing the eligibility of sites for obtaining the international Blue Flag certificate by tracking their application and implementation of international standards on the ground, the Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan (the national operator) conducted the audit in collaboration with the National Committee which consists of a number of concerned institutions (Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) ,the Directorate of Environment, Directorate of Tourism and Ibn Hayyan Laboratories, the Health Directorate, Directorate of Tourism of Aqaba, Aqaba Development Company, the Royal Navy). The audit took three days to complete the first evaluation round of the beaches and the marina of pleasure boats participating in the program for the year 2023.


The program for this year was distinguished as it witnessed participation of the first public beach in Jordan, beach of the Visitors Center of Aqaba Marine Reserve. This initiative is supported by the Lead Beneficiary of MED4EBM Project, UNDP Jordan Country Office and supported by the EU and in collaboration with ASEZA.



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