MedMedia programme: National conference adopts recommendations on regulatory reforms in Lebanon

May 31, 2016
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A national conference held on 23-24 May in Beirut in the framework of the EU-funded MedMedia programme, provided a unique opportunity for Lebanese media stakeholders to discuss key issues on the reform of the country’s regulatory framework.
The conference brought together 50 participants from the Parliament, media outlets and universities as well as leading civil society and media development organisations. The two-day event focused on political pluralism in broadcast media; the protection of minors in a converging media environment; and regulation aimed at combating gender stereotypes in audio-visual programming.
Discussions resulted in a series of recommendations which will be presented to the Ministry of Information and the Parliamentary Committee for Media and Communications.
The EU-funded MedMedia project aims to create an enabling environment for media reforms in the Southern Mediterranean region. It is part of the €17 million EU programme “Media and culture for development in the Southern Mediterranean” which aims at supporting the media and culture reform processes in the region.
MedMedia focuses on media legislation, regulation, programming, strategy and leadership with a view to helping state media fulfil their public service mandate and compete with the commercial sector. It will also work to build public trust by strengthening the media’s role as an independent watchdog and a forum for democratic debate. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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