MEDREG holds 21st General Assembly in Malta

May 19, 2016
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The EU-supported Mediterranean Energy Regulators’ Association (MEDREG) held its 21st General Assembly (GA) meeting in Malta yesterday. The meeting welcomed several achievements that go in the direction of new partnerships for integrating Mediterranean energy policies and lay the foundation for further energy regulatory cooperation activities.

The 21st MEDREG GA approved the membership request presented by the new Egyptian Gas Regulator to become the 25th Member of MEDREG.

MEDREG launched a dialogue with selected representatives of the international financial institutions. The aim of this project is to discuss the impact of regulatory changes on financing decisions in order to increase the market awareness on investment opportunities, provide financial expertise with regard to the funding of infrastructure projects and promote a more efficient market for infrastructures.

MEDREG is an Association that brings together energy regulators of 21 countries around the Mediterranean in order to promote a clear, stable and harmonised legal and regulatory framework through a continuous cooperation among the Northern, Southern and Eastern shores of the Mediterranean basin. MEDREG benefits from the support of the European Union and of the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER). (EU Neighbourhood Info)

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