Members of European Parliament approve €585 million to support refugees from Syria

June 29, 2020
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Budget Committee MEPs gave their green light last week to top up support to refugees and host communities in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon in response to the Syrian crisis.

€485 million are earmarked to fund the continuation of the two main EU humanitarian support actions in Turkey, the Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN) and the Conditional Cash Transfer for Education (CCTE).

Host communities and refugees (Syrian refugees and Palestinian refugees from Syria) in Jordan and Lebanon are supported with a total of €100 million. This money will be used to fund projects giving access to education, to support livelihoods and for the provision of health, sanitation, water and waste services, as well as social protection.

Detailed information is available in the Commission’s proposal and in the Committee’s draft report.


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Countries covered:

  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Palestine *
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