MENAWARA International Roundtable and Interchange experience in Jordan on the use of non conventional water

May 2, 2023
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The use of non conventional water will be the core of the International Roundtable organized by the National Agricultural Research Center (NARC, Jordan) on May 7th, 2023 at its Headquarter.

National and international stakeholders from 8 Mediterranean countries including public authorities, researchers, farmers and civil society, will discuss the achievements of MENAWARA project, the approaches and strategies for its capitalization, with specific focus on the management and promotion of the use, in Jordan, of Non Conventional Water in Agriculture thus supporting and orienting national policies.

The roundtable will be followed by a field visit to RAMTHA, pilot site of the MENAWARA project, to showcase the technological solutions adopted to enhance the Waste Water treatment process and the irrigation strategies.

The event will also witness the participation of about 30 farmers, agronomists and water irrigation engineers from Tunisia, Palestine and Jordan.

Hosted for a two day exchange of experience, they will have the chance, on May 8th, to be introduced to the advances in treatment, management and reuse in DEIR ALLAH,  participate in a field workshop where the lessons learnt and best practices acquired in their own countries will enrich the debate, and allow for  the identification of critical issues and potential solutions. The activity will support building consensus and cooperation among countries.

The roundtable and interchange experience will benefit from a particular lively and creative environment, thanks to the organization of the “MENAWARA&MEDWAYCAP Joint International event”, which will gather multidisciplinary and multi-level experts in Jordan.

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Countries covered:

  • Jordan