Migration: Mogherini pushes Valletta Action Plan forward and concludes first training of Libyan coastguards

February 9, 2017
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EU High Representative Federica Mogherini reaffirmed the EU’s commitment to implement the Valletta Joint Action Plan to manage migration through cooperation and partnership with third countries. She was yesterday in Malta for a meeting on migration with Senior Officials from Europe and Africa, and to deliver diplomas to the first group of Libyan coast guards trained by the EU.

“I believe our presence here is a political statement”, Mogherini said introducing the Senior Officials Meeting to discuss the progress made in the implementation of the Valletta Joint Action Plan. “With this gathering we are reaffirming that migration can only be managed effectively through cooperation and partnership” between European and African countries, the High Representative explained. “There are forces all around the world pushing for a totally different approach: an approach based on confrontation instead of cooperation; on building walls instead of building partnerships; on closures and bans rather than dialogue. This is not the European way and I believe this is not the African way. This is not the way we share around this table.”

The Valletta Action Plan was agreed in November 2015 at a meeting of European and African leaders. Mogherini praised the ongoing cooperation not only with African countries, but with UN agencies and non-governmental organisations.

On board the San Giorgio, Mogherini delivered the first diplomas to 89 Libyan coast guards, trained in the context of Operation Sophia. Their training aimed at strengthening the Libyan capacity to save lives and fight human smuggling, but also to secure the Libyan coasts and to prevent the illicit traffic of weapons, drugs and oil.

“Libya does not need patrons telling Libyans what to do. Libyans need partners and friends, loyal and respectful who can accompany and support all Libyans to find the unity and build the capacities that your citizens need. And I believe this is the best example of a partnership that delivers for everyone: a true win-win partnership,” said Mogherini.

The training was carried on thanks to the personnel of EU Operation Sophia, with contributions from European Member States and international organisations: “This is the European way to do things together, as a Union and with our partners,” Mogherini concluded.

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