Mogherini attends meeting of the Global Coalition to counter Da’esh in Washington DC

July 25, 2016
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EU High Representative for foreign affairs Federica Mogherini took part in the Ministerial meeting of the Global Coalition to counter Da’esh, hosted by the US Secretaries of State John Kerry and the Secretary of Defence Ashton Carter in Washington D.C. on Friday 22 July. The intent of the meeting was to build momentum and accelerate the campaign to defeat Da’esh in Iraq, Syria and Libya.
The EU is contributing to the Coalition’s actions by non-military means and activities, including measures to tackle the foreign terrorist fighters issue, prevent terrorist financing and stabilise the areas liberated from Da’esh in Iraq. Following the meeting, Mogherini explained the role of the EU in the Global Coalition, “We are working to strengthen the country’s institutions, including the security sector, and the inclusiveness of the Iraqi society. We are demining the areas liberated from Daesh, to let the people of Iraq go back to their homes and their lives. All of this, in today’s reality, is an integral component of our work for security”. 
During the official visit, High Representative Mogherini also presented for the first time the EU Global Strategy in the United States at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. “None of us – neither our European Union nor the United States – could deal with our common challenges alone, Mogherini said, ‘no super-power could solve the crisis in Syria or in Libya alone. None of us, alone, could bring peace between Israel and the Palestinians, or ensure that the nuclear deal with Iran is strictly implemented. None of us, alone, can counter Daesh and prevent radicalization. We need each other, Europe and the United States, and we need all global and regional powers to play their role.” (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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