Mogherini at Libya meeting: EU support focuses on security, migration and humanitarian assistance

May 17, 2016
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EU High Representative for foreign affairs said in her remarks following the Ministerial meeting for Libya held on Monday 16 May in Vienna, that the EU “started to use the one hundred million Euros package that we have prepared. Many of the projects that we identified with the Libyan authorities are actually running, especially those on the humanitarian support to the Libyan people, especially to help the internally displaced people.”

“The European Union supports also Libya in terms of security,” she underlined explaining that “this is not something related to defence, but we are working with the Libyan authorities, in the sectors of civilian security, meaning police, border control, all that is related to interior and justice ministries and also the institution building for the country.”
The EU High Representative also underlined the EU’s commitment to support Libya in the area of migration: “We also discussed our common work to manage migratory flows and refugees in the country… We have received an indication from the Prime Minister that one of the elements that they would need is the training and support of their coast guards, for both migration issues and also security issues. This is something that we are ready to do.” (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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