Morocco: eMGPP project signs MoU with the High Commission for Planning

August 19, 2021
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The Moroccan High Commission for Planning (HCP) and the National Committee of the North African Migration Academic Network (NAMAN), signed a MoU to host the Moroccan NAMAN. The MoU will ensure its sustainability and scalability beyond the end of the eMGPP project in October 2021.

During the signing ceremony, the HCP representatives showed great interest in collaborating with the Moroccan National Committee in research projects on migration issues and in jointly carrying out research studies. 

The Moroccan National Committee of the NAMAN was established in May 2020, comprising around 20 members from diverse disciplines working on migration policy research as one of the three established National Committees across North Africa, along with Libya and Tunisia.

Implemented by ICMPD, the North Africa Migration Academic Network (NAMAN) is an innovative migration research network aiming to harness expertise throughout the North Africa region and to develop and lead national and regional migration research and policy development.

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