Morocco: the EU and Hit Radio launch a campaign to raise awareness of the challenges of climate change

October 7, 2021
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With the aim of improving knowledge and awareness of the phenomenon of global warming among young Moroccans, Hit Radio and the European Union in Morocco are launching a national publicity campaign on radio, internet and social media.

This campaign, entitled “Climtna”, will alert its audience to the effects of climate change and their visible impact, in order to promote environmentally responsible behaviour.

A series of 25 themed episodes, presented by academics and professionals specialising in the climate transition, will help listeners understand the greenhouse effect, water stress, carbon footprints, energy sources and much more.

“Climtna” will also feature local organisations and leaders of projects working to limit the impact of climate change on Morocco’s natural resources.

The “Climtna” campaign will also run a video competition aimed at promoting youth participation in the production of content on eco-friendly initiatives. A jury – consisting of staff from Hit Radio, the European Union Delegation in Morocco and the Switchmed Morocco programme – will select 3 winners.

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