Morocco : EU-funded event on vocational training as a means to increase regional attractiveness

July 6, 2018
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The European Union in Morocco and the British Council, in partnership with the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation, will organize an international seminar on vocational training on 11-12 July in Oujda, Morocco.

Entitled “reinforcing regional attractiveness with a strategy of shared vocational training in the framework of Kafaat Liljamia project”, the seminar aims at nurturing the local actors’ reflection on active policies related to vocational training that serve the causes of local economic development.

The event is an open platform to discuss the issue of attractiveness of the region vis-à-vis national and international investors by using vocational training as an image vector which will generate added value and consequently support local employment policies.

Initiatives of local economic development in different regions will be presented. These initiatives have strongly banked on acquiring skills and training labour force, they have also put forward the interest of an approach based on concerted and shared territorial strategy. The training actors should be able to support and anticipate the skill needs, according to the needs of the present and future territory, which will result in a long-lasting impact on employment.

This seminar should therefore present international (United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy,…) and national collaborative work between public and private actors which has taken into account the formative dimension and consequently has reinforced the attractiveness of the territory. This work will open perspectives to elaborate and implement more efficient and concerted strategies based on the development and the improvement of human resources.

Guaranteeing a quality vocational training with an optimal coordination and the participation of the public and private sectors as well as the CSOs: This is the objective of EU-funded Kafaat Liljamia project which was launched in 2017 for three years in two pilot regions: The region of Tanger-Tetouan-Al Hoceima and the region of “l’Oriental”. The EU funding amounts to more than 26 million dirhams (approximately €2.4 million) and comes in the framework of the Support Programme to Vocational training for Human Capital Development in Morocco.


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