New EU-funded project launched to improve service delivery in Libya

December 17, 2019
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The kick-off event of the programme “Improved Service delivery and Accountability at Local level in Libya” (ISAL), funded by the European Union, took place on 12 December in Tunis, Tunisia.

The ISAL programme aims to contribute to the consolidation of the democratic transition and stabilisation process in Libya. The program offers specific support to different groups of actors involved in the transitional process for democratic local governance.

It has 3 specific objectives: The first relates to building the capacity of Libyan public institutions at the local and national levels, thereby enabling the environment for effective service delivery. The second seeks to enable local level public institutions to contribute to employment generation of youth and women through good governance and local economic development. The third objective is to strengthen local capacities for promoting collaborative governance and participation of Libyans in the transition process.


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