New EU-Morocco partnership programme to reinforce migration policies

December 21, 2017
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In conjunction with the international migrants day, the EU and Morocco have signed a funding agreement to reinforce Morocco’s migration policies. This programme aims at improving migration governance in Morocco through the support of the national strategies of immigration and asylum and for the Moroccans living abroad.

This programme is allocating an amount of 390 million Dirhams for four years. It seeks to reinforce the legal and institutional framework to promote migrants protection, as well as to reinforce the Moroccan institutions to facilitate the socio-economic integration of migrants and Moroccans living abroad.

The support programme to Morocco’s migration policies will reinforce several components of the national migration policies, among which:

The social and humanitarian assistance to migrants and unaccompanied minors,

The setting up of a legal and regulatory framework of the national strategy of immigration and asylum,

The reinforcement of the knowledge on migration phenomena,

The professional insertion of regularized migrants,

The enlargement of the programme of voluntary return of migrants in Morocco to their country of origin.

Europe is commited to remain the continent of solidarity, tolerance and openness, while taking its share of world responsibility”, said Mrs Claudia Wiedey, Head of EU Delegation to Morocco.I am happy to see the reinforcement of the partnership between Morocco and the European Union with the launch of this programme which will consolidate the legal and institutional framework, develop the social welfare services and the services of socioeconomic insertion of migrants, and contribute to the programme of voluntary return of migrants to their country of origin.”


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