NEX-LABS training programme for SMEs in the Mediterranean in water,energy and food sector

November 2, 2021
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EU-funded NEX-LABS is selecting 28 talented SMEs in the Mediterranean for a tailored training.

This training aims at targeting Small and Medium Enterprises from the Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC) active in Water, Energy, or Food sectors (WEF)and looking to implement solutions or adapt their business models to address NEXUS challenges. 

It will allow the SMEs to develop a business model for their innovative solution or service and that takes into account technology suitability in the WEF-NEXUS context and sustainable income generation.

In addition, it will provide an opportunity where SMEs are able to exchange best practices, share lessons learned and join efforts to launch innovative and viable solutions that tackle WEF-NEXUS opportunities in the free market across the Mediterranean Partner Countries and potentially expand to international markets.

The NEX-LABS project aims to support implementation of clean technologies for sustainable and resilient increase of agri-food sector production based on a more efficient use of energy (renewable/solar solutions) and water (wastewater treatment, water harvesting or reuse solutions) in the Mediterranean region thanks to the contributions of ICT. It includes a partnership of 11 institutions from 7 different countries (Spain, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, Italy, Egypt and Cyprus).

Application deadline : 30 November, 2021.

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NEX-LABS project

Countries covered:

  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Tunisia