Organic agriculture and renewable energy: two EU-funded projects join forces to create synergies

February 3, 2021
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The two ENI CBC Med Programme projects, MAIA-TAQA and ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM held two networking sessions on 25 and 27 January to facilitate synergies and create opportunities among stakeholders working in organic agriculture and renewable energies in the Mediterranean region. It has also been an opportunity to explain to the general public both projects’ impact and benefits.

In these networking sessions, the attendees have had the opportunity to pitch their companies, ask questions, and exchange contact details.

The MAIA-TAQA project gathers 8 partners from 6 countries, namely Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Spain, and aims at promoting innovative resource efficiency services in the Mediterranean SMEs through the enhancement of their technical and management capacities.

ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM project aims at reducing the obstacles for the development of organic agriculture and make the MSMEs operating in organic agriculture more competitive and better integrated. The project intends to establish a cross-border agro-food ecosystem which will set the ground for the development of the Mediterranean whole organic sector. This will be encouraged through new business alliances, creation of innovative value chains, and specialized support provided to MSMEs to increase the quality and the commercialization of products and their capacities to access to new markets.


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Countries covered:

  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Tunisia