Organization and Coordination of the EU funded SIEMed Network: Support for Entrepreneurship Initiatives in the Mediterranean

May 4, 2018
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In almost all countries of the Mediterranean, economic inclusion, particularly of youth and women, has become a national priority.

With a budget of €757.500, – over a 3-year period (starting in March 2017), the SIEMed network, aims at implementing concrete actions. Over the course of 36 months, the project will strengthen a supporting environment that fosters the creation and sustainability of SMEs, VSBs and microenterprises in the Mediterranean region through the mobilization of entrepreneurs and investors from the diaspora community.

In this respect, the SIEMed network (a novel network that utilizes the technical and financial know-how from the diaspora community), founded on the initiative of the Agency for International Cooperation and Local Development in the Mediterranean (ACIM) in 2016, gathers more than 50 actors in support of entrepreneurship from 6 Mediterranean countries (Algeria, Egypt, France, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia)

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Countries covered:

  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Lebanon
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia