Outcomes of the first UfM Med4Jobs Stakeholders’ Dialogue: UfM project beneficiaries at the centre stage

October 16, 2018
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Within the framework of the Third UfM Regional Forum which marked the 10th Anniversary of the Paris Declaration that gave birth to the Union for the Mediterranean, the UfM Secretariat celebrated the first Stakeholders’ Dialogue for its flagship initiative Med4Jobs on 8 October 2018 with the aim of taking stock of the progress achieved and the lessons learned.

The Med4Jobs Stakeholders’ Dialogue brought together over 50 participants from UfM governments, the European Commission, the private sector, think tanks, academia, financial institutions, business development centers, social economy, international organizations, among others. Together, they discussed the private sector’s social impact and the engagement of the private sector in human and sustainable development efforts.

UfM project promoters, partners and beneficiaries were given the floor to share their experiences, success stories and best practices. Ten UfM-labelled projects were represented in the Dialogue, accounting for almost 20% of the overall UfM project portfolio.

The testimonials presented by young beneficiaries from Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco emphasized the role of the Med4Jobs projects in cultivating an entrepreneurial culture and the impact they had on developing the necessary toolkit of skills for the beneficiaries.

Med4jobs is a flagship initiative of the Union for the Mediterranean meant to help increase the employability of youth and women, close the gap between labor demand and supply, and foster a culture of entrepreneurship and private sector development. Med4jobs is a crosssector initiative driven by the need for an integrated regional initiative in the area of job creation.

Launched in 2013, Med4Jobs currently encompasses 13 projects that benefit over 100.000 young people and women, in addition to supporting hundreds of startup MSMEs in the region.


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Countries covered:

  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • Morocco
  • Palestine *
  • Tunisia