Palestine: cultural heritage preserved from extinction

March 30, 2016
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Involving Palestinian women, elderly citizens and local grass-root organisations in the preservation of intangible cultural heritage in danger of extinction is the aim of the Preservation of Cultural Heritage from Extinction project, selected by the SouthMed CV platform.
As part of the project, women from the Women House Development Centre will visit villages and refugee camps in the area of Tulkaram, where traditional songs that are no longer in use and only remembered by old people will be tracked-down, have their lyrics assembled in a booklet and be recorded on a CD. 
The project, which is led by two non-profit associations based in Palestine – the Women House Development Centre and the Al-Awda Centre for Childhood and the Young Welfare – hopes to be only a starting initiative that will raise awareness of this issue and involve important stakeholders to ensure continuation of this practice.

Countries covered:

  • Palestine *