Palestine: EU and Sharek Youth Forum celebrating winning young talents from Gaza

October 17, 2019
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The European Union and Sharek Youth Forum celebrated three winning young talents from Gaza after participating in the Gaza Summer Festival in 2019. Organised in Gaza City, the festival is the crowning event of a talent competition launched during August 2019. The festival was popular on social media under the hashtag #MyTalentisFree.

At the end of the festival, Mohammad Al-Shanbari was the first winner of the first season of the Gaza Summer Festival, Al-Forsan Dabke Group got in the second place and Nuha Ammar in the third place.

EU Acting Representative Tomas Niklasson joined the event and said during his opening speech : “In the past 12 years, the youth in Gaza might have lost a lot, but it did not lose strength, hope or talent. On this big day, we are supporting the young generation in Gaza to remain positive about a better future. We believe that talents are free, and today was a living proof of Gaza talents being as free as any talent in the world. We remain committed to finding a political solution that guarantees unity across Palestinian territories and access to human rights in Gaza.

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