Palestine: EU funds workshop on internal inspections and risk assessments in Correction and Rehabilitation Centres

April 24, 2019
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While international human rights instruments make it crystal clear that independent monitoring of prisons is crucial when it comes to protecting rights in prisons, internal or governmental forms of inspection can also play important roles in fulfilling prison authorities’ human rights and security obligations.

This topic was discussed in depth this month during a four-day workshop at the Palestinian College for Policing Sciences (PCPS) in Jericho in the presence of 16 Palestinian police officers working for the Correction and Rehabilitation Centre Department (CRCD) including the CRCD Director of Projects and Studies Department.

The workshop, which was delivered by Anna Dahlgren, EUPOL COPPS Penitentiary Adviser and Albert Gegaj, Assistant Governor of the Swedish Prison and Probations Service (SPPS), aimed at creating an introduction to the process of ‘Internal Inspections’ and risk assessments, and to enhance participant’s knowledge in that field and how to use them in the daily operations. The event was funded and coordinated by EUPOL COPPS, which has been providing the necessary support for CRCD for nearly a decade.


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