Palestine: EU Police Mission funds major training programme on drafting legislation for Ministry of Justice officials

March 2, 2021
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The European Union Police and Rule of Law Mission (EUPOL COPPS) is sponsoring a major training programme for eleven Palestinian Ministry of Justice officials in order to support more effective legislation that is more easily understood by the general population as well as Palestinians working as lawyers, judges or academics.

The training programme launched on 16 February comprises six training sessions over the course of two months delivered by Dr Mahmoud Alawneh, a prominent Palestinian legal expert. The second session took place on 23 -24 February.

The training takes a practical approach, using case studies and concrete examples wherever possible. The programme focuses on methodologies for developing policies, techniques for drafting legislation, skills for reviewing legal texts to ensure compatibility with existing legislation, and also encourages a more profound understanding of the legislative process domestically and in other jurisdictions.

EUPOL COPPS is the European Union Co-ordinating Office for Palestinian Police Support. The aim of the Mission is to contribute to the establishment of sustainable and effective policing arrangements and to advise Palestinian counterparts on criminal justice and rule of law related aspects under Palestinian ownership.


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