Palestine: EU training supports safer demonstrations through improved planning

December 30, 2019
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Palestinian Civilian Police (PCP) officers responsible for overseeing the police response to mass events such as demonstrations, sporting fixtures or riots were given a three-day training by European Union Police and Rule of Law Mission (EUPOL COPPS) advisers in how to plan for such occasions at strategic and operational levels.

“Managing complex and critical events is part of the daily work of law enforcement agencies, but if they do not plan for them in the right way, the consequences can be tragic,” said Carlos Pereira, Senior Police Adviser for Special Police Forces at EUPOL COPPS. “Freedom of assembly is a human right. This is one of the many reasons it’s crucial for police forces to develop detailed operational planning concepts that support a framework for peaceful management of mass events, especially when several security forces may be involved in an operation, and their efforts must be coordinated”.

A total of 18 PCP officers took part in the training, mostly from the Special Police Force (SPF), but also from the Correction and Rehabilitation Centers Department (CRCD) and from the Operations Room PCP Districts.

EUPOL COPPS is the European Union Co-ordinating Office for Palestinian Police Support. The aim of the Mission is to contribute to the establishment of sustainable and effective policing arrangements and to advise Palestinian counterparts on criminal justice and rule of law related aspects under Palestinian ownership.


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