Palestine: EUPOL COPPS improves road safety

August 6, 2018
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To improve road safety, the Palestinian Civil Police confiscate and destroy more than 20,000 illegal vehicles each year. Alone in the Hebron Police District, the Police confiscate and destroy around 500 illegal vehicles monthly.

EUPOL COPPS supports the implementation of the road safety strategy, which has been successful so far. In Hebron Police District, the number of fatalities resulting from traffic accidents involving illegal vehicles has been reduced by 50% over the past 18 months.

Last week the Mission’s Traffic Adviser, Erik Nielsen and Special Police Force Adviser, Cesar Ponte paid a visit to the Traffic Branch of Hebron District Police Office to discuss how the Mission can continue supporting the strategy to improve road safety and reduce the traffic accident rate in Palestine further. “We want to contribute to making the roads safer for all Palestinians. Every life saved, counts”, says the Mission’s Traffic Adviser.


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