Palestinian police succeeds in making mobile phone to function as Radio handsets

December 6, 2021
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The Palestinian Civil Police (PCP), with the support of EUPOL COPPS, have succeeded in developing a new mobile application that enables the mobile phone to function as mobile radio handsets, a much needed device for the day-to-day work of the police.

The engineers of the PCP’s Information and Communication Technology Administration (ICT)  who have been working on the project for two years, have managed to add further features than the traditional radio, thus enhancing the efficiency of the performance of the police.

EUPOL COPPS Mission provided 76 mobile phones that will be used by the police officers after installing the applications. This shipment would partially replace the outdated wireless radio network which operates on analog technology. The current analog devices are out of production and spare parts are no more in the market.

EUPOL COPPS has been working with ICT Administration of the PCP since 2007 and contributed considerably to the modernization of the department and building a computerized network which would eventually boost the operational and administrative capabilities of the PCP.

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