Projet Erasmus+ AgriENGAGE: launch of the “AgriChallenge” Hackathon in Morocco

October 26, 2021
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The Hassan-II Institute of Agronomy & Veterinary Medicine and Mohammed VI Polytechnic University are jointly launching “’AgriChallenge” – a Hackathon focused on the field of agriculture, in collaboration with leading universities in Europe, and East and West Africa. This competition is part of the Erasmus+ AgriENGAGE project.

AgriChallenge is a competition set to take place on 18 and 19 December 2021, during which students from agriculture schools in Morocco will work hand in hand with students from other departments and universities to create solutions to the problems facing the country’s farming sector today.

It aims to promote practical learning at Moroccan universities and offer a platform for students, researchers, farmers and government and industry partners, in order to identify and stimulate innovations in the agriculture sector and catalyse the formation of revolutionary new agri-food businesses.

The deadline for applications is 4 November 2021.

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