Remarks by President Charles Michel at the International conference in support of the Lebanese people

August 4, 2021
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Dear President, Dear Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Organisation, Dear President Aoun,

Thank you for organising this third conference in support of the Lebanese people.

And I would like to thank France, and particularly you, President Macron, for all your efforts in such difficult circumstances.

Today marks the first anniversary of the tragic explosion in the port of Beirut. This devastation has hit Lebanon terribly, and it has shaken us all in Europe. I had indeed the opportunity to see the extent of this tragedy for myself when I visited Beirut a few days after the explosion.

The Lebanese authorities have not yet shed any light on this tragedy. This is regrettable. The families of the victims, and all the Lebanese people are still waiting for answers.

The EU once again calls on the Lebanese authorities to produce results without delay in the investigation into the causes of the explosion

[…] Dear President, dear friends,

Lebanon has been for centuries a model of peaceful coexistence between different communities, a model for the region and for the world.

The Lebanese people can count on the EU’s support.

But we are convinced that what we need today is trust and accountability.

The Lebanese people must be able to count on political leaders who are totally committed to do their part and to mobilize their contribution to a better future of the people of this country we all love.

Nothing will be possible without that.

Thank you again Mr President for this initiative and for your unwavering commitment towards this country, this people and the whole region.

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