RESMYLE: young people tell the story of the town of Hammamet in Tunisia

September 23, 2021
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After two weeks of hard work, the young participants in the RESMYLE project practical field training workshop, organised by the Association of Environmental Education (AERE), devoted to the built heritage of the city of Hammamet, Tunisia, handed in their copy on Sunday 19 September 2021.

The main results expected from this workshop were the elaboration of a selective inventory of the heritage, the production of communication supports and finally the realisation of a guide of the ordinary built heritage of Hammamet.

The result was an exhibition comprising 18 panels, each dealing with a different building, both historically and architecturally, with an artistic layout worthy of professionals. The texts in Arabic and French are accompanied by photos and illustrations: pen sketches, watercolours and drawings.

The workshop is part of the RESMYLE project – Rethinking employment and social inclusion of Mediterranean youth through sustainable development – funded by the ENI CBC MED programme of the European Union.

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