Road to Shade Med: The Mediterranean as an energy and commercial hub

May 13, 2021
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The Road to Shade Med 2021 (Shared Awareness and Deconfliction in the Mediterranean), the annual conference on the Mediterranean organised by the Operation EunavforMed Irini, continued with another event. The third meeting dealt with “The new role of the Mediterranean as an energy and commercial hub“.

Rear Admiral Fabio Agostini, Op. Commander of Operation EUNAVFORMED IRINI, explained: “It has been pointed out that the increase in the costs of shipping insurance has led to the increase in the prices of common goods in Libya. Here we see once again a clear connection between security and economy”.

The EU and the South Mediterranean share many challenges and interests”, says Secretary General of the European External Action Service Stefano Sannino. “But the gap between the two shores remains wide. We need to engage more on energy, connectivity and trade. And on stability. EU has to face many challenges in close cooperation with Southern Mediterranean countries: security, recovery, climate change”.

Shared Awareness and De-confliction in the Mediterranean (SHADE MED) is a forum where representatives from different nations and organizations with an interest in stability and security in the Mediterranean Sea can meet to reach common aims. The purpose is to meet and share situational awareness and assess the evolution, trends and best practices in the region.


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Countries covered:

  • Libya