Skills4Sports in Lebanon boosts jobs opportunities in the sports sector

September 11, 2023
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The coaching sessions took place under Skills4sports project in Lebanon were organised by the René Moawad Foundation in collaboration with local experts in the sports industry.


The program was divided into 3 classes: Physical Education, Football, and Basketball, each one a session per week in different locations. The sessions covered different topics like introduction to the sports industry, coaching and leadership, and sports event management.


The 378 trainees, particularly those studying physical education, expressed their enthusiasm for being part of the Skills4Sports project. The Skills4Sports project not only closes the skills gap but also provides new employment opportunities and enables young people to make a significant contribution to the sports sector. With the commitment of local experts, and trainees, and the dedicated efforts of the Rene Moawad Foundation team, Lebanon’s youth are on a transformative journey towards a brighter future in sports.

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Countries covered:

  • Lebanon