STAND UP!: 47 projects in the fashion and clothing industry selected in Tunisia

May 25, 2021
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A total of 47 fashion and textile projects have been selected in Tunisia by the local STAND Up! partner CITET to join the Growing Innovation Program. In this sense, they will be participating to the advanced training focused on building a validated Green Business Model following the SwitchMed methodology.

With almost 70% of female presence and more than half of entrepreneurs who are less than 35 years old, the selection stands out for the prominent presence of early stages ideas and prototypes in the development phase. All projects are therefore remarkably suitable to receive support from ENI CBC Med Programme by implementing their solutions to become successful green businesses in the textile and fashion industry.

Common to all nearly fifty entrepreneurs involved is a clear stance on supporting and implementing greater circularity in the textile and clothing sector promoting production that emphasizes social inclusion and ethics, as is the aim of the project.

The EU-funded STAND UP! project intends to support textile entrepreneurs and eco-innovative ventures in 5 countries (Spain, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Italy) and help them seize the business opportunities that the green evolution will generate.


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Countries covered:

  • Tunisia