A support programme to reform public finances launched in Algeria

February 8, 2018
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The launch of the technical assistance to the Division of procurement contracts was held this week. This technical assistance provided by the OECD is one of the components of the EU-funded UE REFIN programme which aims at supporting the reforms of public finances in Algeria. It was officially launched on 6 February and targets capacity building in the field of public procurement, which is a basic pillar of good governance and provision of services by the public authorities.

The EU-REFIN programme which has a budget of €10 million, will contribute to the implementation of the Strategic Plan for the Modernisation of Public Finances through the OECD component but also two other components:

– A short-term and long-term technical assistance to the Finance Ministry for the implementation of an integrated management system, as well as the support to the budgetary and accounting systems reform, and

– A component devoted to fiscal transparency and budgetary control. These activities are expected to take place in 2018.


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