Sweden’s government agency for Development Cooperation – UfM Secretariat annual meeting: setting common priorities for the region

February 25, 2021
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In the framework of UfM’s cooperation agreement with Sweden’s government agency for Development Cooperation (Sida), the annual meeting between Sida and the UfM Secretariat (UfMS) was held virtually on 16 February, counting with the presence of the UfM Secretary General, the Directorate for Operations and Partnerships and the Water, Environment and Blue Economy Division of the UfMS, and the Swedish Ambassador in Jordan and representatives from the Sida regional office in Amman.

The meeting served to present the UfM mission and the UfM Secretariat work methodology, give an overview on the main achievements of the Sida – UfM Secretariat Partnership, inform on the Sida upcoming regional cooperation strategy and discuss on the potential future cooperation between Sida and the UfM Secretariat.

The Cooperation Agreement between Sida and UfMS encompasses a core support to the activities to the UfM Secretariat activities as well as a dedicated support to the regional water agenda. The agreement covers the period 2017-2022 and benefits from a total budget equivalent to € 8,1 million.

The Cooperation agreement with Sida aims at enhancing and amplifying UfMS regional activities in the MENA countries, in three priority areas of common interest:

1) Women Empowerment;

2) Water, Environment and Blue Economy;

3) Energy and Climate Action.


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