SwitchMed: 18 new environmental and social projects in Jordan selected for the incubation phase

May 31, 2022
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The pitching event for the selection of the green entrepreneurs who would reach the incubation phase in Jordan was organised by the Business Development Centre (BDC), MedWaves (formerly SCP/RAC) local partner in Jordan under the SwitchMed programme, in charge of the implementation of the Green Entrepreneurship Programme.

The event was targeting the entrepreneurs who had already developed their Green Business Models as the first step of the Green Entrepreneurship programme, and move to its next phase which consists in designing their Green Business Plans.

Eventually, the top 18 rated projects were selected to begin the stage of incubation. The incubated Switchers will be supported to create their green businesses through a 6-month incubation process including personal mentoring and tailored external technical assistance.

These 18 selected green business are represented by 20 entrepreneurs, including 12 women. Businesses are mostly at the ideation state and all of them aim at achieving an environmental and social impact tackling a climate change challenge along with an economic profit.

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