SwitchMed: passing on sustainable consumption and production expertise to Moroccan industry professionals

June 10, 2016
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The last group of a total of 64 professionals from Morocco’s textile, mechanical, chemical and food production sector, completed a training at the end of April on the concepts of the TEST methodology, as part of the Med Test II project, funded by the EU under the SwitchMed programme.
Provided with essential assessment and accounting tools for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP), as well as information in how to receive funding from Morocco Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (MorSEFF), the audience welcomed the significant step in establishing a culture of practices and structure towards SCP in Morocco.
The training aimed at developing Morocco’s market of service providers, providing technical expertise to the local industry in processes of sustainable production.
The SwitchMed sustainable consumption and production programme aims to promote a switch of the Mediterranean economies towards sustainable consumption and production patterns and green economy, including low emission development, through demonstration and dissemination of methods that improve resource and energy efficiency. It also seeks to minimise the environmental impacts associated to the life cycle of products and services, and, as opportune, to promote renewable energy. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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Countries covered:

  • Morocco