Team Europe: almost 100 million doses of vaccines to be donated by the end of 2021

November 22, 2021
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As part of its pledge to share at least 500 million doses of vaccines with low and lower-middle income countries by mid-2022, Team Europe – the European Union Member States, along with Norway and Iceland – is donating 99.6 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for 2021 facilitated by an agreement negotiated by Belgium with European Commission support.

The first doses are going to Niger (496,800), Guinea Conakry (496,800), Mauritania (144,000), Central African Republic (302,400), Djibouti (50,400), Nigeria (2,764,800), Togo (633,600) and the Republic of the Congo (230,400). This donation allows COVAX to accelerate its deliveries in 2021 and early 2022.

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said: “Team Europe moves forward the global solidarity effort against COVID-19. This batch of almost 100 million doses from Johnson & Johnson, to be delivered through COVAX, is part of our pledge to share at least 500 million doses of vaccines in the coming months with the most vulnerable countries. The first doses have reached Niger, with more doses arriving in a number of countries this week. We will keep on sharing vaccines. At the same time, we support the build-up of global vaccine manufacturing capacities, especially in Africa.”

Team Europe is one of the strongest and most committed supporters of equitable access to vaccines. The EU Member States committed to share over 300 million doses with low and lower-middle income countries by end 2021, and the European Commission will donate an additional 200 million doses by mid-2022, of which the majority is destined for COVAX.

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