TECHLOG in Lebanon Introduces Pilot Program Using Simulators for Training 120 Truck Drivers

November 8, 2023
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In a groundbreaking endeavor within the framework of the EU-funded TECHLOG project, the Chamber of Beirut and Mount Lebanon, in collaboration with the American University of Technology (AUT), has recently initiated a pioneering pilot program aimed at revolutionizing the training of 120 truck drivers. This ambitious project, launched in mid-October, is a result of a strategic partnership with key industry players, including Coral Petroleum Company, IPT (ISSA Petrol Trade), UTS (Union Transport Services), and many others.


The TECHLOG initiative seeks to advance the trucking industry by incorporating cutting-edge simulation technology into the training of truck drivers. This bold and innovative approach represents a pivotal shift in the way drivers are prepared for the challenges of the modern road. With the participation of 120 truck drivers from the combined fleets of these prominent entities, the program’s primary focus revolves around eco-driving, road safety, and strategies to enhance overall productivity and efficiency in the field.


The Chamber of Beirut and AUT, along with their esteemed partners, have adopted a proactive approach to engage with the transport industry. They have been hosting regular roundtable discussions with key stakeholders to gain valuable insights into the specific needs and requirements of companies when it comes to training their drivers. By doing so, the TECHLOG project aims to bridge the gap between industry concerns and objectives, facilitating a more tailored and effective approach to driver training.

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