Telling an Impactful Story on EU issues: Training for Broadcast and Online Journalists from Jordan

August 30, 2018
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On 16-18 September 2018the OPEN Media Hub is organising a 3-day workshop on Telling an Impactful Story on EU Issues for Jordanian TV and online journalists. The course will focus on editorial, writing and editing skills.

During the course, participating journalists will focus on producing in real time, with existing materials available online and in-country, a story with a specific angle on an EU-funded project or activity. The stories will be broadcast/published on the outlets and will be made available on the OPEN Media Hub’s platform and website, for exchange between participants locally and internationally.

The training will empower them to understand the basics of EU decision making and encourage participants to embed EU coverage as an editorial strand of their content with a practical approach to identifying relevant elements and sources of information, data, and video and understanding of the resources available to tell a story on a project funded by the European Union.

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Countries covered:

  • Jordan