The European Union Remains a Committed Partner of Lebanon

December 15, 2022
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The European Union continues to support Lebanon and its people during challenging socio-economic conditions and allocates this year €229 million to reinforce much needed reforms and economic development. Several priorities were identified for this new financial package.

The first priority is to enhance good governance and support reforms. In this context, the European Union will assist Lebanon in implementing reforms related to public administration focusing on integrity, transparency, and accountability, in line with the opportunities identified by the recent IMF Staff-Level Agreement. Our assistance will target civil service reform, public financial management reform and access to public information.

Moreover, the European Union will work with state and civil society actors to empower Lebanese women and contribute to gender equality. The European Union will help increase women’s leadership and participation in political and public arenas and work on creating an environment for better representation of women in the workforce. Being committed to supporting Lebanon on its reform agenda, the European Union will support the implementation of legislation to protect women from all forms of violence.

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