The European Union supports the scabies response in Northwest Syria

May 30, 2024
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The EU has allocated emergency humanitarian funding of €450,000 to support the World Health Organization (WHO) in its emergency response to tackle the scabies outbreak currently affecting Northwest Syria.


“Our support for the World Health Organization’s efforts in Northwest Syria underscores our dedication to addressing urgent health crises and improving living conditions for vulnerable populations in Syria. This emergency funding will not only help curb the spread of scabies but also enhance overall health resilience in the region. We stand in solidarity with the Syrian people and will continue to support initiatives that promote health, dignity, and well-being,” says Dan Stoenescu, Head of the EU Delegation to Syria.


Since February 2024, there has been an unusual number of scabies cases reported in Northwest Syria. In this region, two million people are internally displaced and often live in overcrowded camps with limited access to basic health services.


The emergency funding provided by the EU will enable the WHO to implement a large-scale permethrin-based mass drug administration for over 155,000 people in 70 camps and 7 communities that are considered the most affected. Additionally, these funds will allow the WHO staff to train and equip community health workers and hygiene promoters to conduct clinical screenings and administer necessary medications. WHO will parallelly carry out sensitisation campaigns to raise awareness about how to prevent scabies.


This action will be implemented in full synergy with ongoing EU funded water, hygiene and sanitation activities aimed at improving the quality of life conditions in targeted locations, and hence contribute to a more comprehensive response.


Countries covered:

  • Syria *