They are Syria : EU co-funds short films to give Syrians a voice

October 9, 2019
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The European External Action Service – EEAS will be hosting screenings of three short films by Syria-born filmmakers exploring the consequences of eight years of conflict. The screening will take place on 16 October in Brussels, Belgium. It will be followed by a conversation with the directors and the protagonists. The films are in Arabic with English subtitles.

Follow Marwa, Saleh and their daughter as they are displaced from their hometown, first to Idlib, then to the Turkish border. Meet Ula, torn between the prospect of a new life in Sweden and her commitment to help Syrian women in Lebanon. Visit Khaled in the loneliness of his Damascus flat, where he struggles to find inspiration for his poems, isolated in his own city, after all his friends fled.

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These movies were co-funded by the European Union and Germany to give Syrians a voice to talk about the issues they face as a consequence of the conflict.

The EU is the largest provider of aid to the Syrian crisis and believes that sustainable peace goes hand in hand with the restoration of Syrian social cohesion and dignity, based on justice and equal citizenship. This can only be achieved when all Syrians will feel safe, free and able to live in dignity in their own country.


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