Training on drug-related emergencies involves EU4Monitoring Drugs partners

January 11, 2021
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The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drugs addiction (EMCDDA) is organising a training on drug-related emergencies on 11 January. This training targets the EU-funded EU4Monitoring Drugs partners.

Data from hospital emergency departments show that every year in Europe thousands of individuals experience drug-related toxicity and other harms, resulting in hospital emergencies. Supported by the EMCDDA, the European Drug Emergencies Network (Euro-DEN) monitors drug-related emergency presentations across Europe to provide a unique insight into acute health harms related to drug use.

The three-year EU-funded project EU4Monitoring Drugs – launched by the EMCDDA in January 2019 — supports national and regional readiness in the ENP area to identify and respond to drug-related health and security threats.


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Countries covered:

  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Palestine *
  • Tunisia