Tunisia: EU-funded CLIMA participates in the the ‘Cleanup Mahdia’ campaign

September 22, 2021
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A consortium of associations, environmental activists and diving schools, namely Tounes clean up, Tunisia recycling and Abysse diving, with the support of CLIMA project, organized on 11 and 12 September 2021 a two days clean-up campaign of the seabed and of the cliff of the east part of Mahdia, Tunisia.

The campaign registered a remarkable commitment of around 70 volunteers, women and men of different ages, who spent the weekend collecting the waste abandoned on the cliff, as well as on the seabed. The quantity of waste collected exceeded any expectation: 1500 kg the first day only.

The Municipality of Mahdia, one of the CLIMA project partners, was also engaged in this campaign by providing the volunteers with collection bags and ensuring the transport of the collected waste. This campaign left a very positive impact on the citizens of Mahdia and contributed at raising the awareness among the citizens on the environmental situation of the area. 

The CLIMA project aims to address the environmental, economic and social problems related to organic waste mismanagement by supporting Italy, Tunisia and Lebanon in developing Municipal Waste Plans while financing the implementation of innovative technical solutions.

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