Tunisia: first part of LED lighting installed in Nabeul thanks to EU project Clima-Med

July 11, 2023
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As part of the C4C-Nabeul Ville Verte (NVV) project, co-financed by the European Union and with the technical assistance of Clima-Med, the first phase of installing public LED lighting in the city has been carried out.

The Municipality of Nabeul completed a tender procedure which enabled the company holding the contract to install 331 LED light points with their poles in the streets of Nabeul and to carry out the civil and electrical works necessary for their proper functioning. The LED light points replaced the old halogen lamps. They were put into operation in the neighbourhoods and streets of Hay Ta’mir, Sidi Mahrsi, Sidi Omar, Nour, El Andalous, Aziza Othman, and Sidi Charif, among others.

A new call for tenders for the installation of 263 additional LED lamps was already launched in February 2023 by the Municipality. It is in the counting phase, and the installations are planned for year 2 of the NVV project.

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