UfM Member States approve two new regional development projects and adopt substantial Ministerial agenda for 2017

October 19, 2016
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During their fourth meeting of 2016, held on 14 October in Brussels, Senior Officials of the UFM 43 Member States discussed the challenges facing the Euro-Mediterranean region and adopted several initiatives to address the three key interrelated priorities of the region: stability, human development and integration.
During the meeting, the Senior Officials approved two new projects promoting urban development and economic integration, bringing the total number of UfM-labelled regional cooperation projects to 47 for a value of EUR 5 billion. The two projects are Izmir Urban Integrated Waste Management Project and Agadir SME Programme – Fostering SME competitiveness and trade in the Agadir ‎Agreement member countries.
The objective of the Agadir SME Programmeis to reinforce economic integration and contribute to economic ‎development, and income generation through SME-led growth. Specifically, the project aims ‎to enhance competitiveness of SMEs and improve their supply capacity and ability to ensure ‎wider use of the cumulation of origin in view of increasing intra-‎trade among the four Agadir Agreement member countries and their exports to the EU and ‎creating synergies and a new economic dynamism among the Agadir agreement Member ‎States (Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan) to strengthen sub-regional economic integration.
Senior Officials addressed preparations for the UfM Ministerial Conference on Energy to be held in Rome, the UfM Ministerial Conference on Sustainable Urban Development, to be held in Cairo, and the UfM Ministerial Conference on Strengthening the Role of Women in Society. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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