Unframing Palestine: photo exhibition for Palestinian and European photographers challenges stereotypes

September 21, 2020
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The European Union Representative Sven Kühn von Burgsdorff and the Palestinian Minister of Culture Atef Abu Seif inaugurated last week the photo exhibition ‘’Unframing Palestine’’ at Arine Rinawi academy in Jifna near Ramallah. The exhibition is the outcome of a joint Palestinian European photo marathon organized by the European Union.

Twelve Palestinian and European photographers came together for one week in a unique photo marathon organized by the European Union. The photographers toured various places in the West Bank capturing their own angles of the Palestinian daily life. They have followed Palestinian women entrepreneurs supported by the EU during their workday. The photographers toured East Jerusalem, refugee camps, Hebron, and historic sites where they met EU partners and explored various aspects of Palestinian life.

The outcome of this photo marathon included 64 photos representing the photographers narrative and prospective of Palestine outside the usual and expected frames. They were the outcome of daily workshops for the group where they exchanged ideas, discussed their approaches, and selected the photos.

This exhibition will be followed by two other exhibitions in Nablus and Hebron. In addition, an online exhibition will be launched and promoted to reach the wider audience particularly due to the Covid-19 restrictions that limit the number of visitors to such events.


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