Union for the Mediterranean Member States endorse the first of its kind region-wide mechanism to monitor the progress on gender equality

September 15, 2020
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The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) Member States have endorsed an intergovernmental set of indicators as part of a UfM Ministerial follow-up mechanism that will allow tomonitor the progress made on gender equality in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Following consultations with the Member States, the UfM Secretariat had drew up a set of 20 gender indicators within the following 4 priority areas, in addition to a proposal of tools that will be used in monitoring and reporting: “women’s access to leadership and decision-making”; “women’s economic participation”; “combating violence against women and girls”; and “combating gender-based stereotypes”. The endorsement by the UfM countries marks the next stage in the agreed Ministerial follow-up mechanism, which will allow to gather relevant data, monitor progress, evaluate the gender gap and provide recommendations to policymakers and stakeholders in order to improve the impact of the Declaration and its Action Plan.

The adopted version of the follow-up mechanism and indicators,including the monitoring tools,will be presented and discussed at the UfM Regional Dialogue Meeting on Women’s Empowerment, set to take place in November 2020 in the framework of the 2020 edition of the UfM High-Level Conference “Accelerating Gender Equality in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic”.


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