Upcoming webinar on economic costs of gender inequalities in the labour market in Morocco

March 3, 2021
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The Directorate of Financial Studies and Forecasts, under the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and UN Women released the study entitled “Economic Costs of Gender Inequalities in the Labour Market in Morocco”, carried out jointly in partnership with the Centre of Excellence for Gender-Sensitive Budgeting (CE-BSG) with the support of the French Development Agency and the European Union. The flagship results of this work will be presented at a webinar on Friday 5 March.

The study is based on an analysis of the evolution of women’s participation in the labour force over the past two decades in Morocco and other countries by cross-referencing the economic performance of these countries. The objective is to situate Morocco in relation to other countries in terms of reducing gender inequalities, particularly in terms of access to the labour market.

The study also focused on the analysis of the distribution of female and male employment by sector of activity, while focusing on the factors that determine women’s access to employment in Morocco.


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Countries covered:

  • Morocco