Video series released to showcase EU-Tunisia Association Agreement and its beneficiaries

December 16, 2019
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The European Delegation to Tunisia has published on its website videos showcasing Tunisian success stories who benefited from the EU-Tunisia Association Agreement.

This series entitled “With us at each step – Avec nous à chaque étape” includes two videos with testimonials of key actors in the industrial and agricultural sectors in Tunisia.

A first video explains how industrial managers succeeded in developing their companies and adopted a vision for the future to better integrate into the European market. Another video shows small and large-scale Tunisian farmers who aspire to develop and modernise the Tunisian agriculture, in line with the international standards and good practices in order to explore new markets, and particularly the European market.


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Video – “With us at each step – the industry”

Video – “With us at each step – the agriculture”

EU Delegation to Tunisia – website and Facebook page

Countries covered:

  • Tunisia