Working together to eradicate poverty: EU provides EUR 1.5 million to improve Social Protection System in Palestine

October 19, 2016
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The European Union and the Palestinian Ministry of Social Development (MoSD) launched a new EUR 1.5 million programme for the improvement of social protection systems in Palestine on Monday 17 October, marking the International Day of Eradication of Poverty.
The new EU-funded programme has been designed in support of the upcoming Palestinian Social Protection Sector Strategy and the National Policy Agenda 2017- 2022. It focuses, in particular, on the effectiveness and coherence of Palestine’s social protection system. In doing so, it will contribute to the goal of ending poverty in all its forms in Palestine by 2030, according to the Sustainable Development Goals.
It aims to support the MoSD to improve and develop its strategic and management capacity to better serve vulnerable families and groups in Palestine. It is intended to support the MoSD’s Regional Directorates in delivering services to vulnerable groups. It also aims to enhance the multi-stakeholder partnerships coordination for local social protection planning and service delivery. The programme will be implemented in parallel to the Cash Transfer programme.
”The EU supports the Ministry of Social Development to operate in the highest capacity to better serve vulnerable families through an inclusive and equitable social protection system. Ending poverty means: better education, better health, higher employment rates, and a growing economy. All these components are the building stones of a future Palestinian State,” said EU Representative in Palestine Ralph Tarraf on the occasion. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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